Life is Not a Racetrack
A slow meditation on spaciousness, directionality, and flow.
Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies
Because baking is a creative practice.
Support Your Local Pollinators
Can you even imagine a world without flowers?
A Note to My Creative Self
A reminder to find wonder and joy from an art practice.
The Only Constant is Change
Allowing myself to embrace artistic variability.
Sometimes It Takes 20 Pages
Exploring focused repetition in my sketchbook.
In Defense of Analog Art
When you type a word and let artificial intelligence do the work, it is no longer the work of an artist. 
Sketching En Plein Air
Relaxing watercolor sketches in the garden.
Using Your Photos
Inspire your studio artwork.
Early Spring Garden Walk
Nature therapy to feed the soul.
My Travel Art Kit
Things I bring when painting outside my studio.
How to Make a Tiny Sketchbook
Travel light with a handmade sketchbook.
Traditional Art Into Digital Asset
Tips for incorporating traditional media in your digital projects.
DIY Creative Block
Personify the block and break the spell.
Matching Colors
How to match traditional media to a digital design brief.
Waste Not? Reuse and Repurpose
I love old things and how they adapt to new circumstances.
Poivre Black Typeface
A quirky geometric design.
An Allergy Friendly Art Studio
Good studio safety practices.
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