The dreaded Creative Block, destroyer of confidence, purveyor of procrastination, and grumpy AF.​​​​​​​

My Creative Block's Origin Story
Once upon a time, I was blocked. I was cranky, miserable, and not creating. When I get this way I like to clean and reorganize something as a way to procrastinate while believing I am doing something productive. So I reorganized some of my daughter’s old toys, which included all of these wooden blocks. I think we have enough wooden blocks to build the Empire State Building or at least a Star Destroyer, but I digress. One of these blocks went AWOL for a few days. When I found it, it seemed cranky, too, being a Lost Toy and all, so I put it on my desk. 
I continued to be cranky with the cranky block and I decided to draw a cranky face wearing sunglasses on it. I felt a little guilty defacing one of the wooden blocks, until it dawned on me that this was The Creative Block. It lived on my desk, scowling behind dark glasses, and the more I looked at it, the more I realized it needed some positive affirmations. I mean, what else would make it even crankier than having to spend every day with positive thoughts, right? 
The Creative Block has lived on my desk for many years now. It is still cranky, and I smile at it (just to irritate it, you know) every time I see it. It reminds me that creativity is hard and needs quiet time, busy time, and yes, grumpy time.
Make Your Own Creative Block 
The next time you feel blocked, make a DIY Creative Block to keep you company and share the misery.
You will need: one wooden block and a felt tip pen. 
On one side, give The Creative Block a face. One the other five sides, write some short affirmations or directives (you can see in the image below what I’ve written on mine).
It helps if you do not consider this a work of art. Don’t agonize about how to draw a face or what to write. That’s just the Block being a block. Laugh it off. 
Use The Creative Block like a dice, give it a shake and let it turn up the little bit of wisdom you need for the day. Of course, it could land face up, scowling at you, which I imagine is also a kind of wisdom. 
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