I discovered the 100 Ladies patterned fabric by Lecien and I returned to my childhood love of paperdoll making. I loved making paper-cut outfits for my doll forms. This pre-printed fabric has just the outlines of ladies and the little city in which they live and you get to dress them and add your own details. 
This fabric is made in Japan and is sometimes difficult to find here in the US, but it is worth the effort if you enjoy painting with embroidery threads. I found this cityscape pouch at Brooklyn Haberdashery
I hand embroidered the lettering, city buildings, ladies and added some landscaping details, because my ladies enjoy gardening. When I was finished, I added a hand-sewn lining to the bag in a cute floral print. 
This pouch is big enough to accommodate a six inch embroidery hoop and has become my embroidery travel bag. 
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